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Bulgarian National Alliance "ATAKA"

On 25th June, 2005 the elections for the new Bulgarian Parliament took place. On these elections the Bulgarian Nationalistic movement made a breakthrough in the fortress of the political mafia for the first time in 61 years. On Saturday the political coalition BNS "Ataka", which core and cutting edge are the members of the Bulgarian National Alliance, got 8,14 % of the votes of the Bulgarians. It means that 21 Nationalists will form the real nationalistic opposition in the Bulgarian Parliament and will be able to oppose to the current political oligarchy.

Although BNS "Ataka" was established only two months before the elections took place, its success was possible thanks to the 4-year's hard work. Today we have the trust of over 400,000 Bulgarians. The political fight of BNS outside the Parliament for the last 4 years has formed the core of political activists, who are in the front lines of this nationalistic opposition and made people believe that the radical change in the government is possible.

The unexpected success of BNS "Ataka" in the elections for the Parliament slapped the political mafia right in the face and caught it off guard.

The official press and the media kept silent without saying a word about the existence of BNS "Ataka" and our pre-election campaign. Corrupt sociologists announced sociological research in which BNS "Ataka" did not pass the 4 percent threshold, thus making some success - a great number of the people did not vote for BNS "Ataka". However, we proved that the breakthrough in the corrupt Parliament system is possible. Next time we will have the absolute support of the electorate.

As we have expected the reaction of the other parties was immediate. In the evening of the very same day of the elections all the political parties that were elected for the new Parliament announced that they will not work together with BNS "Ataka" and that we should be ignored and isolated. Thus they showed that there are two political forces in Bulgaria - the nationalistic BNS "Ataka" and the anti-nationalistic camarilla, which is ostensibly divided in several different parties just on the surface. Right after the elections political scientists, sociologists, analyst and TV spokesmen stigmatized BNS "Ataka", repeating over and over again the well-known clich?s such as fascists, racists, xenophobes and so on. The next day all the corrupt journalists, serving the system did the same, trying to make out lies regarding BNS "Ataka" and its leader Volen Siderov. They went too far by calling the people who voted for the nationalists "scum of society". There were some voices who pleaded for the banning of this party and sending its leaders to prison. Over 49 non-governmental organizations sent a petition to the President of the Republic for not allowing BNS "Ataka" to enter the Parliament.

We were not surprised or stunned by these reactions. On the contrary - we have expected them and they prove that we are on the right way and motivate us to fight for our ideas. We are sure that you are familiar with such things and that you are treated similarly with the same spite and fierceness. Those who are against us are the same people who declared war to all European nationalists.

We want united Europe of the Fatherlands and we share the same ideas as you do in our common fight. We are looking forward to your support by sending to us greeting addresses, speeches, articles and others, which we will be glad to publish in our print materials, i-net sites and discussions, covering world news.

With comradely greetings,

BNS "Ataka"

Boian Rassate

Let's restore Bulgaria to it's own people!

20 principles of National Alliance "Ataka"

1. Bulgaria is a single-national, monolithic state, without being a subject of dividing on one of the following criteria - faith, ethnicity or culture. Difference of origin or faith can not be placed above the Bulgarian nationality. She who does this separates oneself from the Bulgarian nation and state and can not have any claims to anything connected with them.

2. The official language in Bulgaria is Bulgarian, including the national media, which is funded by the State budget, so there can not exist broadcasting in other languages than Bulgarian. Banning of ethnic parties and separatists organizations and clear sanctions for them.

3. Severe penalties for obloquy of Bulgarian national sacred places and notions and aspersions, regarding Bulgaria.

4. Health, social security, education, spiritual and material well-being of the Bulgarian nation are the first priority of the Government. They are more important than the membership in political, military or other international alliances.

5. The Bulgarian State must provide the health, the social security and the conditions for the spiritual and material well-being of all Bulgarians by all means the Government have.

6. Every Bulgarian investor, contractor and producer has the advantage over every foreign one until the equality with the standard of the average European one is reached. The Bulgarian production, merchandise and banks must be managed by Bulgarians.

7. The taxes and the incomes in Bulgaria must be in accordance with the opportunities and the needs of the Bulgarian population, not in accordance with the requirements of the IMF and the World Bank.

8. The Privatization must be revised.

9. The Bulgarian business - private or state - must be supported by the state within the boundaries of Bulgaria and abroad.

10. Revising of the budget and its re-distribution in accordance with the needs of the Bulgarian citizens, not with the interests of the top political leadership. Reducing of the administration.

11. Plan for overcoming the demographic slump in Bulgaria.

12. Immediate withdrawal of our army from Iraq.

13. Leaving NATO. Not taking part in military organizations. Absolute neutrality. No foreign units on Bulgarian territory.

14. Referendums on all important issues, concerning the life of over 10% of the Bulgarian nation.

15. Bulgarian agricultural land is not for sale to foreigners on no condition.

16. Revising of the closed chapters in the negotiations with EU and reformulation of the unfavorable clauses for Bulgaria. Cancelation of the contract for shutting down the Nuclear Power Plant "Kozlodui".

17. Bulgarian dependency on IMF and the World Bank must stop.

18. Realization of the operation "Clear hands". Investigation of the criminally enriched people and all the deals in which politicians have taken part as well as the foreign debt deals.

19. Confiscation of the illegally acquired properties and establishing of a fund for free medical service with the money from the confiscation. Juridical definition of the term "national betrayal". National traitors must be sent to court.

20. Introducing of minimal wage by law - payment per hour, corresponding to the average European one.