Imperium Internum
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Guillaume Faye
Ethnic civil wars in Europe

The ethnic war has begun. By low it. And, year after year, ample. By the moment, it has taken the form from a larvada urban guerrilla: fires of automobiles or commerce, aggressions repeated of European, attacks to the public transport, ambushes to the police or the firemen, razzias from the suburbs towards the urban centers, etc... As it demonstrates a in charge sociological study to analyze the phenomenon, the delinquency of the afro-magrebies young people is also means of conquest of territories and expulsion of the European in the interior of the French state territory. It is not motivated solely for reasons of simple economic criminality. From the suburbs, enclaves or "zones without right" are created, that extend as oil spots towards the outside. Ever since the alogena population reached certain proportion, the delinquency has made emigrate to "petits blancs", harassed by the ethnic bands (...) calculate in more than 1000 these zones in France. The phenomenon of parcelacion of the territory can suggest we are entering a new Average Age. But also it conceals a process of territorial colonization, process that makes pieces the leftist utopias of the "ethnic mestization". The French intellectual elites, that usually live in the expensive quarters reserved to the targets, have always proposed the social mestization in the urban zones. The mestization works of form very different between the social classes from European origin. Between the elites, that deny the ethnic differences, problem does not exist some in leaving ample urban zones to the emigrated majorities. In these cases it is spoken of "social fracture", when the reality is that a racial and etno-cultural fracture is shaken The politicians invoke vague economic causes, when in fact very transparent ethnic causes are shaken. Worse even: they culpabilizan of "petits blancs" to the popular classes, that would complain, by pure exageracion, before "ghosts", by evident racism. They would be the people in charge of the formation of "ghettos". (...) But, in property, one is not about ghettos, but about conquered territories and colonies. Ghetto is a zone relegated to a population that undergoes an ostracism. Today, in France, they are the alogenas populations those that they have conquered, by the force, its territorial spaces. To speak of ghettos is to present/display to the immigrants like victims, whereas on the contrary they are the voluntary actors of its independent spaces. To speak of ghettos lets understand that it is being spoken of misery, of pauperismo in the "more and more numerous zones without right". On the contrary, the criminal economy, centered in the legal or fraudulent drug and reventa of robbed goods, as well as other resources, makes that these populations accede at a comfortable standard of life, sometimes superior to those of a wage-earning French. The churches, most of the parties, a myriad of institutions and associations, the world of the show-business, during years, are lawyer by the installation of emigrants, the opening of borders and the inexpulsabilidad of the clandestine ones. Animated by a certain etnomasoquismo? By xenofilia? By ingenuous leaders of the religion of the human rights? By antiracist or politically correct snobismo? By deliberate will of mestizar France and Europe, by hatred to the "European ethnic purity"? Without a doubt, a little everything. In any case an expensive mixture of fatalism to uncontrolled immigration and before already declared the uncontrollable one is stated. A fatalism of autodestructivas pulsiones towards the own town "Yes, invadidnos, you do a favor to us" In August of 1999, Yaguine and Fode, two guineanos schoolboy, were introduced in the undercarriage of airbus (...) and were found died by hypotherm. Between the clothes of one of them, an interesting letter (...) in her was discovered requested asylum for reasons military (there is no war in Guinea) and due to the misery of its families (the investigations demonstrated that they belonged to the high class of his country). Between the opinion creators the alarms went off. If two children had died, had died by our fault, our refusal to welcome Immediately without discussion in all the "poor men" of the black continent (...) later, as they demonstrate the archives, the calls antiracist associations were sent in a critic campaign towards the customs controls in the migratory flows in Europe (laxistas worldwide) and in a critic of egoistic Europe (when now that exhaust the bottoms of aid to the Third World, Europe has been most generous). For many of the African people in charge, the speech consists of forcing the doors of Europe in exchange for a moral blackmail. We spoke of the colonization by the mendicidad and the compassion.

The 4 of August of 1998, a minor adolescent was violated and later abominably tortured by two African young people who were by the street asking a direction. After the facts, they tinkled symbolically on its martyred body. The girl died because of the caused hemorrhage. Their calvario and its funeral oration were transformed in two lines painted by the assassins with the blood of the girl in the wall, who appeared photographed in the weekly magazine "Him Parisien", the 05/08/98: "chiens ecrases" ("you squash the dogs"). The girl was not guineana, but Polish. Angela was called... For me, the memory of Angela is worth thousand times more than the one of Fode and Yaguine. I will not get tired to indicate that most of the collaborating inmigracionistas and their heads of row they come from the bourgeoisie or they belong to the perfectly preserved social classes of the contact with the alogenas populations, totally protected of the criminality in general. Its scorn, its ignorance of the conditions of life and cohabitation of real the European town, of "petit blancs", is incommensurable. This new left, turned to Capitalism, defends with claws a virtual socialism and a real inmigracionismo. In this cocktail, it is difficult to guess the part of imbecilidad, hallucinatory altruism, antiracist snobismo, etnomasoquismo and (worse still) political calculation. The feeling that dominates between the collaborators is the same one that catched to the Roman declining elites in century III: the ruindad and the cowardice, (...) and an indifferent egoismo towards its own town and its future generations. History will retain that the European, and concretely their declining bourgeoisies, were the first people in charge of the colonization of Europe and its demographic submersion. The immigrants of the Third World, that I consider like the main enemy, from their point of view are perfect right to invade to us. They fill up an emptiness, like the Americans fill up an emptiness before the absence of the European in the geopolitical and strategic plans. The bourgeois were the allies of the English in century XV, as the left were first in wavering in II the World war. In order to solve the problem, problem from which will arise the chaos, there is no another solution, by means or on the other hand, that to reduce to silence to the collaborators, to the inmigracionistas lobbies, that is them cause first, after 30 years, of our colonization. The enemy-colonizador, is a considerable enemy, an enemy who plays his game. But the collaborators which they attempt against his field, which they aim on his own objective, do not deserve, as they said Of Gaulle and Diocleciano emperor, grace some. The policy of ghettos is impossible: the urban territories are not the sufficiently great ones, nor the means of transports the sufficiently slow thing to prevent the ethnic frictions. Cities like Roubaix, Mantes-la-Jolie, Creteil, Him Val-Fourre, nowadays are patrimony of the alogenas populations, are not ghettos, almost prohibited urban centers to European and the centers of racial confrontations. In America, the zones of majority not-caucasian (that say there) usually are surrounded by sanitary cords and they do not offer greater problems. The United States, after all, from their origin, is a country of immigration and ethnic impermeability; this it is the foundation of his social contract. In Europe, the model of the territorial cohabitation of the ethnic groups, as in the case of the Oriente.medio, is inapplicable and nonviable. The policy of the ethnic mestization is also impossible; and not only in France, but in all the countries of the world. Prey of a sudden impulse of social demagoguery, the mayorship of Paris obstructed, during the Eighties, in constructing to blocks and whole, comfortable districts and cheap, reserved, in name of a "positive discrimination" that does not dare to be called by its name, only to African and magrebies families, with the purpose of "calming the tensions" and "to favor the integration" of these "French in fact". Ten years later, we can read in the magazine "Paris-Le Journal", published by the city council, the following news: "the delinquency continues in progress. 284,663 crimes and crimes in 1998 contrast against the 272,145 denounced in 1997. This indicates an increase of 4.6%, that is to say, the double of the average national (...) the delinquency of the minors in the new zones of population in strong growth "(n?94, April 1999). And the progresses in the insecurity of (in the schools, in the streets, by armed robbery or) concern the districts constructed under the special legislation for immigrants more exactly who the built ones in centuries XV, XVIII and XIX.

Let us take the example from the new Africa of the South, founded on the myth of the multiracial cohabitation. After the abolition of the apartheid and the restoration of the black power, the insecurity is so, the black criminality has raised such heights that the targets, the Asians, the zulues and the xhosas intrench to lime and song in their respective zones. The paradox of the new South Africa is that after the abolition of the apartheid, the apartheid is now a fact more hard and present than ever. In the life, the fact to recognize that certain problems do not have solution, except for the crisis, is an historical constant. Policies of ghettos, forced policies of ethnic mestization? In both cases, an impasse. Discouraged, Gerard Dezempte, mayor by gaullista RPR in a community of 8,500 inhabitants, Charvieu-Chavagneux, taken by the suffocating criminality, declared to the press in January of 1999, with a little current lucidity: "If it is desired to fight against the ghettos, it is precise to change of legislation. Today a tolerance notion reigns, and the racial imbalance so is pronounced that it leads to us progressively to the civil war. My city undergoes in fact the civil war ". For our small history, we write down that the municipal advice of Charvieu-Chavagneux had voted, the 24 of September of 1998, the organization of a referendum sobe "the segregation of the populations concerning laws HLM", called by another name afro-magrebies populations. The prefect declared the deliberations like illegal, despising the 13,000 companies presented/displayed by popular request in favor of the referendum. This is the modern democracy. The "civil war", according to the words of Gerard Dezempte...? In order to leave a clogging, it is precise to construct accesses. The medicines of "docteur Republique" already have expired. It is the hour of the surgeons. Unfortunately, this "segregation" would create an amazing monetary cost for the coffers of the State ("politique of ville" costs about 20 millardos per year), but is explained because the French, in fact, do not support or to live in the zones where the concentration of afro-magrebies is majority or is very strong, by the fact of the same behavior of the populations. No state voluntarism will be able to already do nothing against this refusal to the integration, that no longer could more be decreed nor be financed. It is the logic of the ghettos of Los Angeles, where no Korean will accept under no pretext the installation of no black in his zones. But the French State has never admitted the ethnic realities, as others denied the Earth sphericity. Speaking of the "worked against zones" (and therefore irrigated by the financial hand of the contributors), the deputy Thistle explains: "the social mestization advances very little. The social minorities (that in his language it means "ethnic") take refuge in the zones where the life is difficult and the strong insecurity. And it is difficult to make return to the people who leave those zones ". Why we did not reflect on the following facts? The Poles, the Italians, the Portuguese, the Spaniards who immigrated massively to France during the Sixties never needed "insertion policies" to participate in the economic life, to comprise of the social weave, to escape to the delinquency. With African and the magrebies, the same social attendance cannot avoid its assertion. And here a problem is discovered. The dominant ideology cannot, evidently, admit that the cause of this impossible insertion is neither social, nor economic, nor financier, but ethnic. If the insertion of the afro-magrebies does not work, it is not because the insertion policy is mistaken, but because the same insertion of these populations is consustancialmente impossible. The etnocultural distance between these populations and the European are too extensive so that it is possible a cohabitation. The same perspective to see grow in Europe these territories, every time but extensive, occupied by alogenas communities that, from these redoubts, they love to radiate itself, is inadmissible. The powers public be not worried of the dramatic consequences that are creating. They cling to the inefectivo dogma of the integration and the dispersion of the population against the formation of ghettos, in name, on the other hand, of an pro-Islamic policy that is less effective to prevent the extension of the "zones without right". The powers public, completely overflowed and unconscious of the danger, do not make policy some that is not the one of "leave-doing". Others, more conscious, say that we are condemned the extension of the alogenas territorial zones. The intention of this book is to present the formulas that are against the inadmissible thing.

Up-to-date of today they are registered 4 million Muslims in France. The real number more is possibly elevated, between 6 and 7 million. The Islam is the second religion of France. More or less 1430 mosques in France exist. Their medical instructors are young (whereas the catholic medical instructors are old), with a high level of demographic evolution, as much by the massive flow of immigrants like by the high natality of the islamistas. If nothing prevents it, the Islam will be the first religion in France as of the 2015. France contains more Muslims than together Albania and Bosnia. In the European Union, esteem that the number of Muslims reaches 15 million. They are in growth in all the countries. To affirm today that "France does not have plans to happen in an Islamic republic" is a as ridiculous affirmation as affirming in the Fifties that "Germany will never reunify itself", or that "the Comunism cannot disappear". No of my intentions is to fix a hatred glance towards the Islam, which not always practices this reciprocity. In revancha, I consider to the Islam as one burdens threat and an enemy, from the moment at which this religion of conquest comes to a massive and conscious installation in Europe. To an enemy one does not not deign to him, is fought to him. And when one studies the combatant, it does not let one be astonished by the naivete of the intellectuals of nowadays, who declares to him tolerant, without it to have studied never. By the same, it is possible to be started off perfectly of the values of the enemy. Its character of enemy comes from its position of occupant. It can, like the Islam, to fight and to deplore the inherent materialism and the individualismo to the modern West, without letting consider that the installation of the Islam in Europe is an act military, according to mandates of the Coran. The words of alert of Carl Schmitt are applied magnificently to all European the tolerant ones with the Islam: "If you are not who decide who is your enemy, and if you declare its friend when he has decided that you are its enemy, then you will not be able anything". Contrary to the opinion of the islamofilos, the Islam is not only one "universal faith", like the Christianity, but a "community of civilization" ("umma") that tends to the expansion. The implicit project of the Islam in Europe is simply the conquest of Europe, as therefore it stipulates the Coran to it. We already are in war, and European the western ones have not included/understood it. The Russians, on the contrary, yes. Because the Islam is a vehicle of important values that proposes an individual and collective doctrine in which the superior and intangible norms prevail the believers, giving therefore a value to its existence (...), but the Islam does not correspond in anything to the European spirit. Its massive introduction in Europe will more even disfigure the European culture than the fact of the americanization. A dogmatismo vindicated, an absence of faustico spirit, a fundamental negation of the humanismo (understood like autonomy of the human will) in name of an absolute submission to God, an extreme rigidismo of obligations and social relations, an absolute monotheism, a theocratic confusion of the civil society, a deep reluctance towards the free artistic or scientific creation, are the incompatible outlines with the European mental tradition, fundamentally politeista. Those that thinks that the Islam could be europeizar, to adopt the European culture, to accept the laicism notion, commit a serious error. The Islam, by essence, will not accept that commitment. Its essence is authoritarian and single-breasted uniform jacket (...) Said of another form, with the introduction of the Islam in Europe, two risks appear: disfigurement or war. In one first stage, the speech of the Islam in Europe becomes relatively tolerant. The Muslim people in charge say "to want to respect the laws of the Republic" and the laicism, although it is totally incompatible with the Coran, because there another right is not accepted but that the coranico right, that also includes the civil right. One appears with a message that belongs to the "strategy of the fox" evoked by Maquiavelo.

But already they rise in France, like in Great Britain, the voices that demand for the Muslims a special right. Their those in favor create arrival the hour to affirm these vindications. As we see more ahead, the Islam never reveals frankly its intentions to which it considers enemies, we, the Unfaithful ones; this camouflage is for them a theological and moral obligation. In a second time, with the constant increase of Muslim cash by an upset of the demographic differential, the constant flows of immigration, plus the conversion of the native ones, Europe will be declared "land of conquest" by the Islam, which constitutes one revancha radical of the historical tendencies of last centuries. Revancha against crossed and the humiliation of the colonization, and conquers by means of a great movement of expansion. The Islam is by intolerante essence and its logical one is that, so Machiavellian, of the joint use of the force and the cleverness. The cleverness is used whenever the Muslims are minority and weak, the force, at the moment at which its domination is assured. It is so between the Arab-African immigrants, the Islam thinks not like a religion of spiritualist essence, but like an ethnic autoafirmacion and of revancha as opposed to the European. Still more that the Christianity, today very debilitated, the Islam is the religion by essence of the revealed and imperative truth, and, with a blind conscience, always it is believed in his right and it justifies all his acts, until the exaccion, assignments in name of his expansion and the glory of Allah. The European, ingenuous defenders of the Islam, commit the error of not knowing nor interpreting the Coran like a sincretico block, like a globally logical text, before like a text of "several readings", rich in interpretations. One emphasizes the "tolerance and the brotherhood between the religions, the freedom of belief" enrolled in the coranicos rules (sura II, 256); one insists on the rejection of all integrismo and fanaticism, "the Islam like community of right means" (II, 143), or "the rejection of the violence in the matter of religion" (II, 257). The Islam would be united to the compassion and to the pardon of the offenses, it is not due to responer badly to good (XLI, 34; XXIII, 96; XII, 22), or the Islam would be united to the humanity towards the enemies, whom all Muslim forces to give protection them (IX, 6). These versicles contradict with fourteen centuries of behavior of Islam, that it privileges violence whenever the force ratios are to him advantageous, that ignore the pardon and the compassion, that it eradicates or it puts under in ghettos the other religions in the territories that they have conquered, that does not tolerate under no concept neither to the politeistas pagans nor the atheists. These pacific versicles are a deceit, an cleverness. Theologically, in the Coran, they are annulled by warlike versicles written later, specially those of the sura IV, on which we will speak more ahead (...) Of general way, the Islam does not practice a peace policy and of tolerance it pretends but when it is in minority. Several Muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia, absolutely prohibit the construction of churches in their territories. The practice of a Christian cult is prohibited to the resident foreigners in the country. In most of the Muslim countries, the entrance or the residence of Christian priests is almost impossible, and all proselitismo rigorously is prohibited, under penalty of immediate expulsion. In Europe, the Muslim proselitismo is protected and financed (construction of mosques) by the powers public, confusing the laicism with the naivete. The rule of the reciprocity that by always has governed the international right not corresponds here, and the European accept it with all naturalness, in their demerit, this rule of the "two pesos, two measures", that to the Muslim eyes are not but a giving up and weakness sign, that justifies and legitimizes to the "divine will" of its movement of conquest etno-nun of Europe. In the spirit del Islam, the fact that the European do not demand to the Muslim countries the same lay neutrality, the same freedom of cult that they practice towards the Muslims, means here that "the European know that they are in the error; they recognize the superiority of the Islam and before the superiority of Allah they will be delayed before Unfaithful us recognizing itself and who are right that is for us land of conquest "; these words of a famous Egyptian magnet were gathered in newspaper AI Ahram, of the Cairo The European ignore foundations of the Islam such, specially the cynical imperative of the three stages of conquest: In a first time, the installed Muslim community in a foreign territory, when being in minority, must practice "To give al-Sulh", the "momentary peace", so that the unfaithful ones, in their ignorance and naivete, allow the Islamic proselitismo in their own ground, without demanding no Muslim earth reciprocity. It is the stage that we lived at the moment in Europe, that makes think that a lay and europeizado Islam is possible. A second time, when the implantation of the Islamic community is confirmed, the imperative of the conquest and the violence enters game. It is "To give al-Harb", where the Earth of the infidelity becomes "zone military", and in which all resistance to the implantation of the Islam must be squashed, since its sufficient number makes possible that the Muslims leave the prudence of the first times of the conquest. This is the phase that we will not take in living: we are already seeing the premises.

The third stage is that in which the Muslims finish dominating. It is "To give al-Islam", the "reign of the Islam". The Jews and the Christians are tolerated like minorities, subjects to an inferior right like "dhimmis" ("protected") that removes most to them of its civil rights; the politeistas pagans ("idolatrous") and the atheists are persecuted, and all the population must be put under the social rules del Islam. The not-Muslims cannot benefit from a social position leader. In Morocco, where the Christians were tolerated and the protected Jews, both now have the same status of prote'ge's when finalizing the French protectorate, although any war like in Algeria did not take place there. For many present world-wide Islamic leaders, the declared objective is to impose in Europe the law of "Giving al-Islam". We spoke of a planned project, of a beginning political will, since God therefore orders it. The Islam is an absolute and proselitista universalismo with vocation imperative to conquer all the earth (...) The Sixties knew the revitalizacion the Islamic power, at the end of the European colonization. Today we are in the times of the counterattack. The Christian proselitismo wishes to impose a universal faith, but the Muslim proselitismo wishes to implant a civilization, a way of life and a political submission. The Islam is not as much a religion, in the spiritual sense of the term, whatever a political and ethnic imperialism with the will to implant in all sites a intolerante civilization in which the Muslims would dominate all the others, as the man dominates the woman. To try to separate, in the Islam, the policy of the religion is completely vain; both are not but single and a same thing. The sermons of magnets in the mosques of our suburbs, that the islamofilos of hall have never understood, appeal openly to the conquest of the French ground and to the proselitista work of conversion. For a long time the news they have been giving account of certain magnets that directly preach the armed violence. The priests, in his miserabilismo, already a long time ago they resigned to the conversion; in his predicas, on the contrary, they appeal to the Islam like a religion sister, like an enrichment. When one thinks that the ecumenismo never has worked with the protestants and the Jews, how to imagine that could be possible with the Islam? It is the fable of the shepherd who lets enter I fold to the lobeznos; when they grew and they became wolves already was late. The political prelates and men would do well in rereading sometimes to the Fontaine. The doctrine of the cohabitation of communities is inapplicable to the Islam, like to the Comunism. Those in favor of fulard, of the specific rights to the Muslim cult, of a harmoniosa cohabitation like a "skin of leopard" according to a confused one right to the difference, are mistaken of end to tail. Because the Islam viscerally anticomunitarista and is opposed to all right the difference. Its absolute monotheism orders to him to reign without opposition sobe the conquered society. Intrinsically, the Islam thinks to itself as the only community legitimizes, the community of the believers, that has the monopoly of the existence and the expression, and where the other communities cannot benefit but from an inferior of unfaithful and tolerated status. For the Islam, a plural, tribal, kaleidoscopic society, is fundamentally impia; it is not more than a transition to obtain to the domination of a community - the Muslim on the others, prelude for his elimination or conversion. Nowadays, the Muslim leaders, in the European societies, play the card of a communitarian coexistence, and proclaim their lay feelings. But they do not let have like long term objective the implantation of "sharia", the Islamic law. The acceleration of demographic history will get to convince to most skeptical. From their point of view, the tolerant and comunitaristas politeistas pagans undergo a total blindness. These raise the voice against the jacobina republican intolerancia that it tries to impose his asimilador model; they rise against the cult of the Only thing and against this cult they defend the coexistence of the Islam. But, they have been stopped to reflect that the Islam is the social doctrine and political more asimiliacionista than exists? They know that the Islam is the most ardent defender of the Only thing, who rejects and refutes all the differences? Imagine the defenders of fulard in the republican schools that in the coranicos schools of France the crossings, the stars of David, the hammers in miniature, any type of medals and religious symbols other people's to the Muslim cult are prohibited without appeal? The Islam works exactly according to the same totalitarian principle that the Comunism. Like this one, with its doctrines of the proletariado one like only community, the fight of classes and the unique party, the Islam has vocation to absorb all social and political the field. The vision of a society of "freedom of communities" is to him as strange as unbearable, as the multipartisanship is it for the Comunism. During the Fifties, the Communists took the slogan from not speaking of the dictatorship of proletariado and the conquest of the society, as the islamistas hide their true objectives today, speaking of multipartisanship and freedom of opinion. The Comunism collapsed, and the PCP is today a Social-Democratic party. It stops in the Islam, a mutation so is impossible. Marx is discredited, but it is not the case of Allah. The comunitarista idea proposes one hipertrofia of the tolerance. As opposed to the Islam nowadays, the comunitarismo remembers the ingenuous vindications of the liberal ones to the communist parties of Eastern Europe. The comunitarismo is a founded liberal illusion on the existence of which the cohabitation is possible. But when the other is not understood with you and it does not want to cohabit with you, then it is very possible that it imposes his exigencies to you (...)

Unfortunately, those intellectuals or politicians who defend to the Islam not know him. They ignore his theocratic nature according to which all State is ilegitimo if it does not govern itself according to the rules of the Islamic religion. For a Muslim they cannot coexist a neutral lay law and public and a Muslim law founded on the faith and that extends until the private dominion (...) the faith and the law is indisociable, which it means that from the moment at which the Islamic religion happens majority in a country, such country must leave their legislative customs and adopt the coranico right. If nothing is against to him, if the demographic logic is consumed, the Islam will happen the majority religion in many countries of Europe. It would be a stupidity to think that then it would not pass anything... The European we underestimated the Islamic determination, its power and its danger. We considered that they are "a religion like any other", that registers in a "niche", like the Judaism or the buddhism, when in these religions absolutely does not exist the obligation of the proselitismo. The Islam does not rest on speculations, doubts, interrogations, abstractions, but on principles. By definition, these principles are intangible. Whereas the European lack principles simultaneously risk to be victims of the Islam and to be fascinated by him. In order to be made respect before the Muslims it would be necessary to make them such respect intransigentes principles that they declare. It agrees mainly not to show no weakness, no tolerance before his exigencies. It is necessary to settle in certain positions; if a cohabitation with the Islam is not possible that plans the colonization of Europe, it will be necessary to think about his expulsion. The genius of the Coran does not reside in its religious espiritualidad, that is almost nonexistent, but in constituting the best treaty of strategy of geopolitical conquest of the humanity. The Coran fully surpasses works of Sun-Tzu, Maquiavelo or Clausewitz. Most of the European has not realized, specially the islamofilos and the inmigracionistas, and that no of them has never read the Coran, neither it speaks Arab, nor have never put his feet in Muslim country some, except perhaps in the suburbs of Med Club, no of them lives in one you take care of with Muslim majority. For them, the Islam, and all immigration, are made abstract, distant, likeable. People are who live an own life on the descomprometidas classes, virtual, moved away of the reality; they are people who will collapse before the reality that comes near. What us depara the future, Albert Kehl asked. "an authority fright that will bring the calm, obedience to our laws, and therefore the fatalism installed by a time between the Muslim population, letting itself take, will explode in a point of fanaticism declaring the conversion to the Islam or the condition of" dihimmis "of our town on our own ground until the indefinite times. The only truely effective solution, only the worthy one for us, towns of Europe, happens through the return to its countries of origin of the immense majority of the islamistas ". It is possible to be said better, but not clearer. Understood well, this sort of proposals today is considered, in these times of etnomasoquista neurosis, like diabolic. She is not perverse allowing that the enemy conquers to us, but is profligate who we defend ourselves. Well, we are perverse. The Islam fundamentally is tormented by the idea of the war santa. The slaughter, extermination, revenge, death concepts are constant in the Coran. Who speak of the Islam like a cohabitation and peace religion they are indeed those that ignore the Islam. The recent events in Afganistan and Algeria, the scenes of daily barbarism, are a consustancial fact to the Islam. One is not about accidents or crimes committed by false Muslims, but a savagery enrolled in the theological picture of this religion. It is tried to make think that an extremist fundamentalism and a civilized Islam exist. One forgets that the same "civilized Islam" can at any time happen Barbarian, because the Coran is enameled until death with appeals against unfaithful or the traitors. "you will not kill" is a prescription unknown between the Muslims. In order to show that we did not speak of ghosts or malevolentes accusations, we see some passages of the Coran, extended with commentaries. Sura 2, versicle 190: "and you fight in the footpath of God to which they fight to you"; sura IX, versicle 5: "... and matadlos where you find them, cazadlos, sitiadlos, preparadles all class of ambushes". Here is the justification of the martyr, one of the fundamental bases of the islamista terrorism: "That you are dead or that you are killed, yes, it is with God with that you will meet. You do not think like about deceaseds to whom they have died in the footpath of God (the war santa), on the contrary, live next to its Gentleman. Because the present life is not but an object of deceptive enjoyment. Those that is displaced people, those who have been expelled from their residence, which they have persecuted My footpath, that has fought and that has been deads, I will make them enter the paradise "(sura 3, versicles 158, 169, 185, 195). Dying in the name of God is the certainty to obtain the paradise. The force of the Islam rests in these brutales simplismos. There are other versicles, gathered of suras 4, 5, 8, 9, 17, 33, 47 here (...) "To quienquiera that fights, as much if We die or win, we will give a great wage him. Nonlame friends between the unfaithful ones until they accept the footpath of God. But if they become from backs, matadles then and where you find them "(emphasizes the total absence of sense of the honor and the vindication of the vileness to the service of the recompensador God). "Therefore, if they are not neutral before your considerations, you will not tend La Paz to them and you will not give the hand them, but that you will kill to them there where you find them. The believers who remain seated and those are not equal that fight in the footpath of God ". Here it is possible to be seen, in this affirmation of the intrinsic superiority of mudjadin, that the war santa is a permanent stage, almost obsesional. The Muslim who fights, that militates, is superior to which is contented with practicing its faith. "and when you send yourselves on the World, you do not fear that the unfaithful ones put to you on approval, the unfaithful ones are for you, truely, enemies declared".

Triple reference: in weakness situation, the Muslim can practice the deceit and not follow his religion thus to obtain advantages, on the other hand all ecumenismo with other religions is prohibited. The catholic Church is an ingenuous one... In short, to have of the Islam it is the conquest. Good conscience of the combatant - or the terrorist: "When it give death, you are not you who give death them, but that is God that kills to them. And when you shoot (the arrow), you are not you who shoot, but that is God that shoots. Oh, Prophet, animate to the believers to the combat ". (...) Permanent conquest and war santa are preferable to the work, the perspective and the foundation, a pacific civilization: "Oh, the believers. You start off in campaign in the footpath of God. It pleases the present life to you? Weighs to you more Earth than further on? If you do not start off in campaign, God will punish to you with a painful punishment. Light or heavy, you start off in campaign and you fight in the footpath of God. Who are delayed and they remain seated they are against the message of God and reject to fight in the footpath of God. Oh, the believers! You fight to the unfaithful ones that they approach to you, that finds in in you the force ". It is an evident fact that most of the alogena population, and more specially Arab-African, than it lives in Europe is calm. But he is not less evident that in the countries more affected by the emigration (France and Belgium, particularly), most of the violent criminal acts (diverse thefts, violations, aggressions, holdups and other facts), of the violent crimes and the imprisonments they concern the origin populations immigrant, specially Arab-African. Globally, a minority of immigrants is criminal, but most of the criminals they are immigrants. It is a question of statistic and mathematics, not of ideology. It is what recognized with certain anger Jean-Emile Vie, old Prefect, advisor of the Court of Accounts, relaxed already of its obligations of reserve, when it alerted: "It is necessary to act with urgency to avoid the constitution of private military services and, in the long term, the civil war". I am convinced that in this mutilated and disarmed society, no public power will dare "to act with urgency", and that we went to the civil war. Unfortunately, it can that is the only form to solve the problem The numbers sing by single himself. According to the statistics of the police and the national gendarmerie, presented by agency "AB Associates", in 1950 500,000 "criminal facts" were registered, between crimes and crimes. Today we spoke of 4 million, that is to say, a progression of 800% in 49 years. But it is that it was not until 1964 that the delinquency began to go off. The aggressions (registered) against the people, less than 50,000 in years 50, have been multiplied by 4.5 until today. In 1998, 45% of the robberies with violence and 15% of the violations were committed by minor. In 1972, only in 2% of the crimes and the crimes they were committed by minors. In the cases of fires and blackmails, it proportions of implied minors go off until 52%. As far as the crimes related to the drug trafficking, in 1998 the progression was of 43,5%. All the numbers are underestimated, since the police ignores most of the crimes committed in the "zones without right", because most of the victims refuses to speak before the fear of retaliation (...) This explosion of the criminality between the alogenos minors adapts perfectly to the ascending curve of proportion of minors of 18 years foreign in relation to the general population of the same age, which agrees with the thesis of which the explosion of the youthful criminality, greater factor of crimes in the urban society, has by direct cause immigration, the increasing presence of alogenos young people, much more who with socioeconomic factors such as "the declivity of the paternal authority" or the "exclusion by unemployment" (...) the brutal growth of the criminality in the ten last years is explained for ethnic and demographic reasons, and nonsocioeconomicas. The politically correct means maintain like irrefutable truth that the explosion of the delinquency must to unemployment, to the precariedad and the poverty. This it would be the case of century XIX, but not of today. Contrary to which one thinks, the unemployed and the poor men are little delinquent. He is more, the new crimes have little to do with the profit. The "new delinquents" live their crimes and their crimes like a faith, a profession, a game. In fact, socially, perfectly they are inserted... to his way, evidently; they eat without hunger, they dress clothes mark and they use movable telephones. The general curve of the delinquency, from 1950 to 1998, reveals a mathematical parallelism with the proportion of the immigrant populations. The fast growth of the crimes and crimes, as of half-full and years 60, swelling correspond exactly with the arrival of the first important ones of immigrants and not to a pauperismo (...) The part of the afro-magrebies, legally French or no, in the violent delinquency, robberies and drug trafficking, is considered by the police in a 80%. Understood well, the formal prohibition stays to undertake racial statistics and except publishing them. When the thermometer indicates politically incorrect information, even though they reflect the reality, the means make the decision to silence them. The percentage of afro-magrebies in the prisons allows to confirm the reality. In jails like Aux Baumettes, in Marseilles they arrive, for example, to 80%. The region is going to give 32 million additional francs to the year (twenty times more of the habitual thing) to reinforce means of the police. This number is similar to the destined one to create competitive jobs. Jean-Yves Him Gaibu, regional advisor, has caused the alarm in the benches of the left when demanding to the police prefect "What you have done you stop to contain to the bands of delinquents, generally immigrants, who have caused this situation" It is not good for saying the truth. But, before the political class and the journalists, the investigators do not dare to evoke the true causes of the phenomenon. They advance like explanations the "desresponsabilizacion of the parents", the "lack of adapted judicial answers before the first incorrecciones", or that "the school does not fulfill its roll of integration". When in truth he is that these things more than causes are almost effects. The deep cause of this explosion of the delinquency is the arrival to the puberty of a numerous generation born of the immigration, that it rejects integration in society French (and European)"white" and that voluntarily shows an aggressive attitude, founded on a mixed feeling of revancha and resentment, but also of fascination by the consumista model to which they consider to straight have to accede, here and now, without efforts and social reciprocity (...) The highest authorities of the state confortan the feeling of legitimacy of the delinquent young people immigrants. Martine Aubry, minister of Social Subjects, declared in 1998, before the continuous acts of looting and degradation that ritually accompany the celebrations by year end: "Certain acts of delinquency or incivilidad are comprehensible like reaction before an injustice feeling". It is understood that many of the delinquent immigrants react to racism and the economic marginalizacion. A breath so to the misdeeds of the ethnic bands cannot but leave pasmado. In their demerit, the words of Mr. Aubry are contradicted by the fact that the racist crimes (aggressions, murders, degradation of goods) are mainly acts of afro-magrebies against native European French and. On the other hand, the sums paid by good part of the contributors in favor of directed diverse social actions towards the young descending generations of immigration (reintegration, preference of use, help material the families...) are four times more important, to per capita, that the sums consecrated to the French young people of birth. Will be this the injustice evoked by Mr. Aubry?

To speak of "delinquent young people" is to more than the inmigracionista lobby arrives, when the others we understand "racism". The writer Maurice Radjfus, creator of the "Observatory of the Public Liberties", one of great capitostes of the inmigracionista lobby, vilipendia the word "sauvageon" ("young problematic") used by Chevenement: "this speech is disquieting, because it is not included/understood that the term" sauvageon "also includes/understands to the without-papers, them without-ceiling and the unemployed. Also it is necessary to consider that this term includes/understands to diverse manual professions ". These ghosts are very habitual more in the stupidest left - and trotskista- of the world. It is tried to emphasize with all demagoguery a nonexistent amalgam between the clandestine unemployed and immigrants. This type of speeches, emphasized by the biempensante press (Liberation, 18/01/99) reveals simply, in terms of political psychoanalysis, that the message of the inmigracionistas intellectuals is the following one: the criminal acts of any nature, from the illegal entrance in the territory to the crimes of common right, committed by the populations immigrants are excusables and respectable, all repression of the criminality of the immigrants is immoral, in act or by simple words. The dominant ideology is in himself an ideological contradiction. First he is antiracist, after it professes that to try to repress hard the criminality it is to be racist, and finally is recognized implicitly what it refuses to others, that is to say: that the criminality is the main fact of the emigrants. Dogmatic those in favor of the permisiva education and the pedagogismo, indoctrinate inspired by "Emilio", build of the pre-trotskista Jean-Jacques Rousseau, come from the same ideological means that the inmigracionista party. The egalitarian humanitarismo will have ended, in two generations, its work of destruction and also of self-destruction. The permisivos methods applied to the populations of delinquent tendency that do not include/understand, culturally, the authority without the force, cannot finish but in the anarchy and the disaster. The national education offers gasoline to which they want to extinguish the fire or, in last case, water of roses. In the public education, solutions in the picture of the present society and the ideology are not offered. The solutions offered by the school of Jules Ferry - with his rigorous discipline and its authoritarian moral civismo they are inapplicable: the young immigrants are completely obstinate and the body of ensenantes is incapable to put them in waist. The right and the republican-authoritarian left are mistaken completely. In the picture of the present system, all effort is vain. When it already is late, it always is too much late. The system has been shipwrecked by itself, on the feet of its errors. On the rubbish of the old system a new order will only be able to be built. Arrived at a certain level, to a certain state of decomposition, all reform is vain. Most of the "problems" of the national education they come from two causes: the antiauthoritarian and antiselective pedagogical laxismo, and the ethnic kaleidoscope of the scholastic population. Few journalists have had the value of Jean-Louis Turenne, in Him Figaro: "an insecurity in arithmetical proportion, catastrophic levels of damaged integration: nothing works in the schools. The grammars school descend to the street, the professors send a SOS. Before the evidence, a shock treatment prevails (...) the French school is ill, and their evils is of all knowing... but it seems that to anybody it matters, nobody wants to recognize that it has failed ". That is to say, by ideological dogmatismo bear not to evoke the true causes and limits itself to demand always greater financial means, when France consecrates to the Ministry of Education the greater proportion of the countries of the OECD (...) As if the money could solve a sociological and ethnic problem. As opposed to the violence in the classrooms, mercachifles of the social laxismo and the antiauthoritarianism, confronts dogmas facts as opposed to, demands the presence of watchmen, wants the protection of the police. The scholastic violence in France already reaches unbearable levels, after its debut in years 80. It acquires forms unknown in the other countries of the European Union and the United States. One calculates that in a 30% of the schools, the transmission of the knowledge is impossible. The ensenantes cannot be made not only respect, but so single to understand. These are the most frequent forms of the scholastic delinquency. The blackmail, demanded by the heads of band to almost all the students. In some cases, the students are chantajeados by several bands simultaneously. The confrontations between the different organized bands and clans, and the robberies. The sackings and fires of the premises. The threats and aggressions against the educational ones. These of expose to the retaliation as soon as they show the smaller sign of authority. The retaliation, generally, is carried out by bands nonescolarizadas. In 1998, in the establishments of public education 10 deaths, 253 wounded ones of gravity, 300 important violations, 17 fires and 27780 "diverse aggressions" took place. The press never has published these numbers, even though are public. Other interesting numbers: 80% of these acts of scholastic barbarism are committed by magrebies or African young people. Peculiarly, in the colonial Africa of century principles, like in the Magreb, the French ensenantes never found violence or rebellion problem some. The reason is so simple because the professors appeared like dominating civilizadores and. Today, the young immigrants are elevated in reivindicadores, avengers of their parents. Without knowing the mini signal serious authority, they return unconsciously to his ancestral mentality. Of colonized and civilized by the force on their own lot, colonizadores and civilizadores affirm today in our lot like. Classic historical return. The error of republican integration is total. In the schools and grammars school, the young immigrants affirm with violence their differences, their nationalism, its islamismo and its hatred towards everything what is French and European. In January of 1999, Him Figaro published the newspaper side of a professor in the suburbs, a document of total authenticity that immediately was put in doubt by the good spirits. The grammars school of the Parisian region appeared described like a true ethnic fauna, where all education was impossible, where the body of ensenantes lived under the daily terror, where the violence and the criminality were at your service of the day, and where the European grammars school underwent the assault of the ethnic bands. The author of the newspaper decided to leave education after being seriously attacked repeated times by a same student, African, in front of who she had the imprudence to admonish it in an occasion. The newspaper has been published as book recently (Nicolas Revol, "Leaves Prof", Fixot).

Here, we can read things like these: "My group was made up of a 50% of magrebies, 18% of African, 10% of Turks, 10% of Portuguese, 10% of native French and few scattered Asians. Actually it was divided in two groups: African-magrebi'es and the targets, to as brought closer the Asians looking for protection. The targets occupied the positions near the estrado one, to listen to better the lesson and, after a zone of empty transition, the others were grouped. The distribution in the other classrooms was similar ". It is evident that, as opposed to the official criterion, a racial separation - and hostile one has settled of natural form. (...) When the author of the book was attacked by his student of color (five months of work suspension), the direction of the school did not support to him, intimidated in front of the aggressor. In the yearbook of the school, the director wrote down these words that could well happen to comprise of an anthology of the lack of shame: "During this course, the personal situation of Mr. Reval has not allowed him to approach with serenity its relation with the students". The decomposition of the republican school is caused for a reason that the authorities do not ignore, but that do not dare to approach: the state school absolutely does not fulfill its roll of integration, rather is a perfect reflection of the general state of ethnic fight. I do not resist to relate an interesting fact. In most of the villas and villages of the district of Gard, for "fighting against the ghettos" of the Marseilles neighbor, quarters occupied by African and magrebies families rose, just arrived. Ten years later, the problems began from the primary school. The small delinquency and the insubordination degraded the schools of sudden form, the levels lowered. Today, to the fifteen years, the district of Gard registers the greater rate of street criminality of the region. Contraejemplo we found it in regions like Saintonge, Perigord or Finisterre, where the quality of public the primary school is the same one that at the beginning of century. When we observed the photographies of the classes and the ethnic composition of the same ones is examined, it is begun to include/understand. In all France, the degradation of the levels is exactly proportional to the multiethnic character of the classes. I am arranged to take care of the statistics that demonstrate the opposite to me and to hear a intelectualista and politically correct explanation to this strange phenomenon. In Paris, i myself I made a survey in the Grammar school Jean-Baptiste Say, where the proportion of magrebies is of a 15%, and the one of immigrants altogether of 20%. These are the words of an anonymous professor: "we did not find solution to the problems. We respected the official programs and the violence was controlable. We have only welcomed the official minimum of foreigners that indicates the law. But even so the problems have begun to arise. The new students reject the proposed groups and they regroup by his ethnic origin. First of my class she is a Tunisian girl, I mean of origin, because she is legally French. But she says to "Arab" itself and "Muslim". She learns, but she does not offer anything, does not contribute anything. Its property to France does not concern, nor has meaning to him some. In a next future, we will begin to have serious tensions ". I do not mean that the children of the overseas immigrants consustancialmente are subequipped and disturbing. Simply that it is impossible to transmit a knowledge and common values to a heteroclita scholastic population, in search of different horizons. An education makes no sense if it does not tolerate an historical perspective, taken root in a history and oriented towards the destiny of a town. An education is nonviable if it does not go directed to real the human beings, sharing a homogenous identity, not to "children of no part", according to the expression of Erik Saint-Jall in "the Company of the Great Bear". The present drama of the national education is emblematic: it demonstrates that the transmission of a culture is not possible but in a relatively homogenous ethnic block. The blindness of the egalitarian republican ideology is total. The myth of the "our ancestors the Gauls" is ridiculous, even more functional in the submissive colonial Africa of the century XIX that at the moment at which the African arrived in mass towards us. The facts are there. The public education, the transmission of the knowledge and the culture, is the axes of a civilization. In this dominion the asimilacionistas solutions ("All we are French, is not thus") as the comunitaristas or etnopluralistas solutions ("to each one its education") are irrealizables. No education will be able to abolish the ethnic references less, and if it is based on myths of the mundializacion, that is not but the resurrection of thematic the internacionalist ones of other times. The political people in charge of the national education, ministers or Secretaries of State, insist, after twenty years of failures, on their own consolations to diminish the disaster. Its official slang is ridiculous, like the position chosen for Mrs. Segolene Royal: "minister delegated in the position of scholastic education"; the simple official position of "scholastic education" gives an image of the linguistic chaos. The measures of Mrs. Segolene soon were directed in increasing fitted official obligatory for students immigrants, but it did not doubt in registering to his children in the best private grammars school. Its behavior devaluates its own speech, and before it not even it is necessary to respond to him. Before the ample problems that the emigration between the ensenantes causes, the powers public step on the accelerator. They lack solutions. And it is normal that it is thus, because their dogmas prevent to see the true causes them of the fact. In effect, the question of the capacity of interested as much the student as professionally is the one that must prevail before making any decision, but the powers public do not want to enter themselves in mined land. The American psychoanalyst Samuel Rosenzweig wrote: "an individual that personally is incapable to integrate in a system anyone - school, company, work to fulfill, seduction to build, etc. - reveals against that system and it declares enemy and unjust obstacle, transforming it into destruction object" (Roots of Failure). Rosenweig had studied the situation of the black young people in Los Angeles, remarcando its inferiority complex towards the "white civilization", that was translated in hostility and resentment. The jealousy were transformed into hatred. The Americans, during the Sixties, decided that the cause of the scholastic failure of the black was in the discrimination and ghetto student; this way they imposed the multiracial school. Total error, evidently. The alarmist Dubet report on the School (in fact on the multiracial schools and grammars school), updated in May of 1999, confirms like a fact the rejection of the great majority of the young immigrants to let itself instruct by ensenantes of European origin, to accept a discipline (even deficient) originating of a considered national education like emanation of a strange and enemy State. Monica Vueillat, Secretary General of the FSU, declared: "the educators have invented either much, have given or everything, are on the brink of madness the rupture". In fact, they are gathering what others have seeded. Same Mrs. Vueillat praises "to introduce the diversity conserving the republican equality". Beautiful dialecto, that simultaneously incomprehensible, as much as the quadrature of the circle. Others begin to speak to create special programs for the children of afro-magrebies immigrants, sure according to the logic of the "positive discrimination". That is: the dominant ideology bites the tail; they will never be able to even explain why the rate of illiteracy is four times greater between the afro-magrebies than between European the native ones, between equivalent social classes. They either do not manage to explain escasisima rate of afro-magrebies college students.

A taboo that nobody dares to mention is the very small proportion of immigrants between the polytechnical ones, the engineers of high rank, the pilots, the qualified investigators. The dominant ideology maintains that this is due to a voluntary discrimination, therefore their solutions have like consequence that the afro-magrebies young people receive many more aids than the children of the French workers and that the children of the Spanish, Italian or Portuguese emigrants. Discrimination? Yes, towards the targets! Either the "circulation of the elites" of which Pareto spoke does not work between the afro-magrebies, or works only for the European proletariado one. Roger Fouroux, president of the High Council for Integration, showing its egalitarian republican dogmas, deplores that "our scholastic system is constituted of such form that an immigrant son does not have possibilities of acceding to university education". And to solve this problem it proposes all a series of measures, antirepublicans and antiigualitarias, founded on the principle of the "positive discrimination", that is to say, a favoritism towards the immigrants at the time of choosing seat in the universities. Fouroux never has put in doubt these principles simply so that she is a racist, without knowing it, but a true racist. Greater humiliation for an immigrant son does not exist who acceding to artificial cupos, quotas, tricks that allow him to settle in a system to which in justice has acceded by his merits. And if it happened that most of the young immigrants was not interested in the University? We would have to them to make study to the force? Mr. Fouroux, like all his pairs, does not completely know social, cultural, ethnic, anthropological the reality of the immigrants, that only sees by the television. Antiracism has the same obsession by the race that the puritano priest by sex. Today, sex is so much as an industry as the race is violated and disguised. But in fact this dissimulation hides an obsessive presence of the concept. Antiracism has happened a species of put-religion, a perverse and unconscious form of racism, in any case the sign of a racial obsession. But what is at heart racism? Nobody knows it to explain nor to define. Like in all the abusive words and with strong affective loads, the word in himself lacks meaning. One is confused to him with the xenophobia, and it is that spoken the mutual racism of the Croatians, the Serbs and the Albanians, when their disputes are of national and religious character, but nonracial. Here the interesting positions are those of Claude Levi-Strauss in their opuscule "Race and History" and of Zoulou Kredi Mutwa, author of the famous test "My People", that was the most pertinent critic as much of the South African apartheid as of the model of the multiracial society. But this was also the opinion of Leopold Sedar Senghor, that theorized on the slight knowledge of "black-African" and "white-European" civilization. These opinions are classified at the present time like seriously incorrect. Their theses can be transformed in these points: 1) the biological diversity of the great families of the human population is an incontestable fact; this diversity is a wealth, is the nucleus of different civilizations. 2) Negar the racial fact is a dangerous intellectual error, because it denies foundations of the anthropology such and installs the concept "race" in the taboo rank, in magical paradigm, when in fact it is a banal reality. 3) obsessive antiracism is to racism which the puritanismo to the sexual obsession. A multiracial society is by necessity a multiracist society. It is not possible to be made cohabit on the same territory and the same area of civilization but that to biologically related populations, with a "minimum" of ethnic differences. Globally, the theses of Levy-Strauss, Kredi Mutwa and Leopold Senghor conclude that the humanity is not one "mobylette", and that nonmarch with mixtures. Thus, whereas the official ideology denies the race concept, in truth it is recognizing it and fortifying. The French society does not recognize that the racial fact prevails to him, proclaims itself by all sites, beginning by the immigrants. In the suburbs and the "zones without right", the native French are erased contemptuously like "Gauls", or, more frequently, like "quesitos" ("petit fromages"). Whereas the races are censured as nonexistent and any reality is not recognized to them, the racial question is present than ever. It is evident that the "pure races" do not exist and that the concept does not have biological sense, because all population is product of a "very diverse genetic phylum". But this does not clear existence to the "racial fact", nor to the races. A racially mixed population even constitutes a racial fact, and it is not possible to be said that in South America or the Antilles the mestization has created new races. The antiracists, who deny the reality of the race concept, are favorable to the "mestization", they militate by the "mixture of the races", and deny therefore its own reality. Perhaps they understand that with the mestization the races will let exist? Of dogmatic form they insist on demonstrating "scientifically" that the races do not exist, and that therefore the modification of the biological substrate in Europe will not have consequence some, but so single beneficial influences. This is the envenenadora thesis of the "cultural totum", in which not even their propagators create seriously. Of a part the official ideology denies the existence of the human races, indicate the insignificant differences in the personal chromosomes, but by the other the law prohibe the racial discriminations "in name of the property or nonproperty to a race, etnia or religion". Then, the races exist or they do not exist? In the simple aristotelian or leibniziana logic, he is an absurd one to repress to those who commits a crime against a legal subject that does not exist in fact. On the other hand the uselessness of the racial distinctions is proclaimed, but quotas of racial favoritism are applied legally. The "racial differences" refuse but the point in the "racial discriminations" is put. (...) Like all reality anthropological and, more generally, natural, the racial fact is not a "absolute fact", but it is a fact. Its present negation by the dominant ideology constitutes the sign and the test that the racial question has happened fatidica. All ill civilization tends to censure the reality of his badly and making of her a taboo. Not speech of ropes in the house of the hanged person. The hegemonic ideology comes thus with a work of silence, with a family secret.

The South African black sociologist, of zulu ethnic group, Kredi Mutwa, wrote in his revealing book "My People" (Penguin Books, London, 1977): "To deny the fundamental differences between the black and the targets, the two great racial families of the humanity, he is to deny the nature and the life. He is as stupid as to affirm that the feminidad and the masculinidad do not exist. Here a lack of sense common in the western spirit is discovered. The black man accuses more in itself than the target his racial personality, and is by more reticent nature to accept the utopia of a universal man ". In the same sense, Leonine N?Diaye, in its work "Him Soleil" (Dakar, 021121987), writes: "Like differences between the white towns, Hispanic and the Nordics exist, for example, also that difference between the African tribal ethnic groups exists. The humanity is divided in great families with its own personality, culture and biological fact ". Between the African, as between the Asians the naturalness of the racial fact does not offer problems. It is vindicated with all tranquillity. The psicotica negation of the racial fact in Europe leans in the hope of which disguising the racial fact it can bleed the original sin of racism and create an idyllic society at the same time, an extraterrestrial paradise (...) In the census of the French population of 1999, the National Institute of Statistic did not make any reference to the ethnic origin nor to the religion. The French did not have to know the numbers, Max Clos, president of the institute real, explained in Him Figaro (05/03/99): "a commission of sociologists explained that the smaller reference on the ethnic or religious character of a city or a district could cause racist reactions. The people tend to think that a majority of magrebi or African population creates insecurity ". Fantastic... as if "the people" did not notice they themselves of the reality when walking by the streets. This it is a perfect example from deceits to the town, of negligence of the power and "democratic transparency". Why the patient does not know his fever, why refuses to watch the thermometer? Porque the powers deny that immigration is in fact a social cataclysm, that is in march a colonization, why they behave as if the emigration did not exist? The state has become again censor, sometimes talks about to the afro-magrebies populations like "representatives of the population that lives in the periphery"... amazing eufemismo. The Institute of Statistic denies the ethnic fact and racial and some refuses to become question on this fact (...) The powers public, stuned by the antiracist psychosis and the ethnic taboo, voluntarily disguise the numbers of immigration. But at the same time, remarca its contradictions, as it corresponds to all moved away ideology of the reality, because implicitly they recognize the ethnic character of the colonization, recognize that the immigrants reject the assimilation. The powers public collaborate with the colonizadores immigrants to mold the public opinion. Then in a mediatic society the people create less in which they see that in which inculcan them to them mass-average. In its fundamental book "DES dieux ET DES empereurs" (Editions DES Ecrivains), Andre Lama explains how the Roman Empire was mined from the interior by a modification of its ethnic substrate. Remarkably by the incredible rate of natality of the invading towns, but also by the demographic fall between the Romans. The Roman population of origin quickly was africanized and orientalizada to instances of the same State, which contributed to the landslide of the original civilization, added to the military pressure of Germanic and the state insumision of the Christians (...) In the Sixties, Pierre Chaunu and the Georges Suffert, in "the White Plague" (Gallimard), a book that today would be impublicable whereas politically incorrect, call the attention on the fall of the European natality. It is to notice that by those times the massive and wild immigration of extraEuropean populations began. Andre Lama, writes in its work: "As the old republic concluded, Roman Rome received debilitadoras outer influences incessantly and elevated to the dignity of Roman citizens to all luck of disgregadores and enemy elements of the State". The Roman imperial power happened absolute because it was based on a multiracial society, without roots. When a town does not exist, a minimum of ethnic homogeneity, the true democratic regime collapses. It is what it also happens nowadays, because tends to compensate the anarchy that creates the coexistence of inconciliables ethnic groups. For Andre Lama, the migrations, the natality differences that caused an ethnic modification, they are the cause of the great political changes that are observed in history. "By a demographic differential it is possible to be attended the birth of a new nation that quiet comes to replace to the previous one, with no need of foreign wars nor invasions". We did not resist to establish a comparison between the aim of the Roman Empire and our civilization. Rome disappeared because the new populations, the new customs and the new cults contrasted with those of the founding town. The theses of Lick seems to me interesting in three levels: 1) the colonization of the present population of Europe is the effect boomerang of the colonialismo of conquest and the European domination of century XIX. The Afro-Asian towns previously colonized settle today between the colonizadores. The empires French and British, imitating to the Roman empire, have undergone the same luck: the submersion of Madre-Patria in the cosmopolitismo and the ethnic chaos. The imperial model is not viable but that between culturally near populations biological and. There am porque here, in my two previous works, the Arqueofuturismo and Nuevo Speech to the European Nation, propose the imperial and federal model, that I call Eurosiberia, to regroup Western Europe, Europe Central and Russia, that is to say, the Indo-European towns (...) 2) the second lesson is the following one: which is the infrastructure of the civilizations? He is cultural or she is economic? (...) A civilization is a set of forms, knowledge, techniques, habits, ways of life, of saberes acquired, that rest on a culture. The Marxists and the liberal ones dissent: the state of a civilization so does not rest on the original culture, but on the relations of production and the state of the techniques. The Marxists and the liberal ones think that a civilization is constituted by economic infrastructures and the relations of production; being the culture a simple superstructure, a derived expression. To the inverse one, at the beginning of years 70, the New Right maintained that a civilization, a moral, the state of the technique, the political forms, is the product of a cultural column: the civilization is the consequence of the culture, and not to the inverse one. At the present time, this antimaterialistic position seems to me insufficient, because it does not respond to the fundamental question: what or who determines the culture? It is the biological composition of the towns, its innate qualities and their defects, his anthropological atavism, which founds its cultures, that produce the civilizations as well. Said of another form, the deep infrastructure of the civilizations is not economic nor cultural, is biological (...) When we spoke of biological and ethnic infrastructure of the civilizations, it is evident that we did not talk about the myth of the "racial purity". Andre Lama exposes with justice that "To say town is to say more or less homogenous ethnic group and more or less mixed. To speak of "racial purity" is a ridiculous utopia. But we need, all myth of a pseudo racial purity is an excess. Europe is certainly fruit of mestizations, but of mestizations of next towns, with relative differences and in many apparent cases, that they benefit from a certain anthropological proximity. Or as much reduccionista it is the idea of "pure race" like the one of "global race". It is the idea of Senghor with his concepts of "white-European" and "black-African. This it is a concept of etno-biological kinship in ample sense, that so much to the reduccionismo of the "racial purity" like a is against the cosmopolitismo of the universal mestization, both deeply opposite to the humanismo. To deny the ethnic and biological dimension of the men is to refute the same humanity, the reality of the humanity. We have tendency to perceive the human species like a species "to part", that escapes to the laws of the nature, specially to the principles of the biogenetic subdivision, as if the man was a divine block, where do not occur neither to the inequalities nor the differences, as if the humanity was located to the margin of the participation in the alive world and the unit of the cosmos, that is pronounced in the infinite diversity of the forms.

The contemporary anthropology also rejects recognizing the etnologicos testimonies: the man would be a providencial, unique species, arrival of no part... The Earth, the reality, is not done for him: she is too much "heavy", "too crude". The roots of this anthropocentrism, from this belief in the biological unit of the human sort, from this dramatic negation of the racial diversity of the humanity, come from the great doctrines and religions monotheists. The diviniza man whereas Son of God, and therefore is not divisible. He is separated radically of the kingdoms animal and vegetable, the Nature. The humanity happens an important category. For her they do not count the laws of the diversity, of the differences, the tragedy of alive it. These dogmas, although are pulverized by the contemporary medicine and the genetics, for the anthropology belong rather to the kingdom of the other species. Meanwhile, the tribalizacion and the racializacion of the French and European society are in march, in name of antiracism. The egalitarian ideology is resembled pescadilla that the tail bites: today it is begun to implant measures of "positive discrimination" and professional quotas in favor of the diverse racial groups, specially African and magrebies, which actually supposes to deny the principles of the egalitarian individualismo and the same essence of the antiracism, according to which the races do not exist; by the other side prevailing the commercial and advertising mentality has been sent to a wild ethnic marketing. Antiracism is the paid best land for racism (...) It is as well as it is necessary to understand that the group of pressure "SOS-Racisme" demanded in July of 1999 to the advice of the National Television with the accusation of "racial discrimination and attack to the individual freedom", with the pretext of that were sufficient presenters and no black entertainers after the TV screens. Supreme paradox: in name of the freedom and the equality, it was demanded to implant quotas of afro-magrebies. And for when then Chinese, Jewish, Indian, catholic the quotas of, etc.? And why they have to limit itself the television? Why no, according to this logic, to implant the quotas in the administration and the companies? Nonencounter which impediments for a vindication exist so ethical nor moral, if these groups became aware from the stupidities of the "antiracists", following the stranger (by corrupted) logical that they propose, and took it until their extreme conclusions. The sad thing, worse even, alarmente, is that these stupidities are really dangerous in their deep perversidad, in their scorn by the inmanentista logic, in its pasotismo by the real events, in his not to want to step on the Earth. The groups of pressure in the style of "SOS-Racisme" are carrying of a danger greater than atomic war: the scorn of the logic in the decisions of the Head of cattle Publishes, the restoration of the absurd one in the debates for interest of the town. (...) The group "SOS-racisme" reasons of totally racist way. In its panfletos we can read that "the inhabitants of color in France constitute a community with right to be able to identify and to be made recognize through audio-visual means". They do not speak peculiarly of other groups.... Here we see what was foreseeable: that the republican authorities totally do not create in their holy slight knowledge of "integration" and "assimilation", but that the facts force to them to leave their utopias and to recognize the existence of the ethnic fact, to guarantee the racializacion of the society. But this situation leads of unstoppable way to the ghettizacion. A society where the social organization begins to be based on the segregacionismo, although is "positive", in the logic of the quotas, the privileges, the preferences and of the "positive discrimination", of the anti-selection in sum, it cannot be viable to long time. What one is seting out to us, without saying it or knowing it, is an apartheid in fact. The ethnic lobbies already prevail on the principles of the equality. The left-caviar, the left of the good to live, seeing the impossibility of the idea of the mestization, of the model of "melting-pot", begins to reason on founded a political and social organization on the racial proportions. Not even they have found out, but they finish assassinating to its own convictions: the "inmortales principles" of 1789... No longer they think what since says, they proclaim what they say not to believe. The our left-caviar, trostkista and stupid of the world, has sobrepado the ray of the cynicism... In a mediatizada really healthy society and less, this had never happened. This does not escape to the daily language, to the popular mentality. The pseudo-neologisms in row use terms like "Beur" and "Rebeu", translation of "Arab", and use the term "Keubla" ("black") to designate to the French of right, but with all its racial and ethnic connotations, without leaving of side the insults ("hijoputa of your race"); in Spain the sudaca "voice has become popular", that has a strange connotation of insult. French sociology, shut in in the libraries and platos of television, worthy not to descend itself in the analysis of the daily language. In the Jamaican and Antillean districts of London, the slogan of "Whites out" ("White outside") he is omnipresent. In the meter of Paris, like in the services public, the racist insults, of all the senses, constitute 80% of the inscriptions and the popular graffittis, surpassing even (!!!) to the sexual references. In December of 1999, all the facades of a political party were adorned with an avenging motto: "Gallic of excrement, the Arabs we will give by ass France". The examples are numerous. The "persuasion by the education" no longer induces but to the laughter. The only effective enemy of racism - that passion that makes the rounds to the humanity from atavic times cannot be institutional antiracism, but the rejection of all multiracial civilization. Quod erat demostrandum.

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